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St Stephens Day Swim 2013

Impressive turnout for annual St Stephens Day Finswim

At ten in the  morning on St Stephens morning it was quickly apparent
that there would be a very large turnout for the clubs annual St
Stephens day finswim, which this year was taking place from Castlehyde
back to Fermoy town finishing at Fermoy rowing club.  Over the past
numbers of years Michael Flatley has always graciously allowed us
access to the river through his property which makes access very safe
and easy; a big thanks also to Pat Bartley for taking time out of his
day to assist us. While the divers travel by road to the start point
the rescue boat is launched in Fermoy town and travels upriver to the
start point to provide safety cover for the event. With a brisk
flowing river after all the recent rainfall,it was always on the cards
to be a fast swim and so it proved with the first swimmer back in
Fermoy after 45 minutes covering the two and half mile course with the
last of the swimmers covering the course in just over an hour. With
air temperatures being close to freezing it was always going to be a
cold swim; with a few of the swimmers suffering mild hypothermia -
vasoconstriction in fingers and toes at the end of the swim - but a
warm shower in the clubhouse soon remedied that. A big thanks to
Fermoy rowing club who gave hot drinks to all the divers after the
swim, a very generous gesture and much appreciated.
The finswim also serves as an annual fitness test for the divers and
anyone who missed the swim will need to complete same in the coming
weeks to retain active diver status. A gentle reminder to everyone
that fees are now due and that these need to be paid for insurance
purposes; please contact Denis Granville for same. For anyone
interested in learning more about the clubs activities then just look
at the clubs website for facebook site and thanks to everyone for
their continued support for the search unit in 2013.

Photo captions:
Photos 17,19,23, 30 and 36 should be credited to George O Keefe and
all the rest are Timmy Careys














017 Willie Keane in jubilant form after his 17th place finish in the swim along with Joe Byrne

















019- David Keane approaching the finish line near Fermoy rowing club


023 - David Carey completing his 31st successive festive period swim on St Stephens day

















030 - A festive looking Matt Culotty and Finbarr Mulcahy in jubilant form after the finswim

















036 - A chilly group of divers at the finish line in Fermoy where Fermoy rowing club graciously
        offered free hot drinks to everyone



















0635 - Preparing to launch the rescue boat for the swim Mike O Grady, Finbarr Mulcahy,
         Joe Byrne and Gearoid O Looney.


















0644 - The group before hitting the chilly water on St Stephens morning with the majestic
           looking Castlehyde house in the background

0646: Eugene Whelan, Matt Culotty and Jim Mc Guire outside Castlehyde house at the start
         of the finswim